August 31st, 2011 | By The Studio Staff

Being up on the second floor allows us retail luxuries that few retailers can afford. We close the store 2 times a year (January 1 week, July 2 weeks) for much needed down time and return refreshed, renewed and excited about the season to come. And then the packages arrive (after being held by our delivery services while we’re away).

Our regular UPS man, Kurt, arranges his vacation around our re-openings, leaving the expected 30-50 boxes to be schlepped up the stairs by an unsuspecting summer replacement.

Then the gloves come off — box cutters slicing through corrugated cardboard, hangers and plastic flying, lots of ooohing’s and aahhing’s and the all important trying — ons for fit. Eagle eyes seek out damages, short shipments and “not what we expected”. It’s Christmas at The Studio, as we wait for you, our judges, our customers, to validate our skills as buyers by giving our collection yet another new home… yours.

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