For 40 years, The Studio has dressed women beautifully, in an environment described by Oprah’s Magazine as "the ultimate comfort zone".

Three women from Brookline - a pair of identical twins (Sandy and Ilene) and their best friend (Marcie) dreamed of opening a very special women’s clothing store. It was 1979 and they were about to break all the rules.

Not a native born New Englander among them, they wanted to bring New York to Boston at a time when, well, Bostonians were still a little stuck in a fashion rut. They wanted a store that encouraged women to “step out of the box” and experience shopping in a fun, nurturing, exciting atmosphere.

With an incredible amount of passion and chutzpah The Studio was born. Forty years later we are still growing and learning in an ever changing world.

If you missed

our 40th Anniversary Celebration at The Coolidge,

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“The Studio has meant style, freshness, originality and quality since I discovered it and its wonderful staff over twenty years ago.”

- Jeanne, Brookline