Look Your Best

Shopping online is a bit of a gamble at best. That irresistible dress you put in your ‘virtual’ shopping cart is not at all what you expected. It itches, grabs you in all the wrong places and, horror of horrors, it makes you look fat. We prefer to think we can remedy those inevitable problems face to face here at The Studio. Our highly trained, non-aggressive and friendly sales staff ultimately save you time and make difficult decisions easier with their expert advice and honesty. It serves no purpose to have you leave our store not looking your best and in turn, we are rewarded knowing that the compliments and confidence you gain from those purchases began here.

Online shopping has its purpose, certainly noted by the billions spent annually; but we believe there is more to the shopping experience. We look for connection, like a human voice or the human touch in a world increasingly devoid of both. Years back, The Boston Globe called us a “Comfort Zone”; we’re still here.