When you stand in front of your full closet and say "I have nothing to wear”'s time to purge.

Some of us are pack rats and throwing out is not in our nature. How can you throw out a beloved sweater with as many memories as moth holes? Then ask yourself what should go to charity? What fits? What makes me feel good about myself?

This is not an easy exercise but persist. And after you have endured the pain of purging, stand back and enjoy that almost holy feeling, then head for The Studio.

The Studio is filled with so many things that will tempt you; a new layering piece, some colorful tops to perk up all that black or maybe even a whole new wardrobe. 

As for that beloved oldie that you simply can’t part with, bring it in and we'll make it new again!

Click here for some things to think about before the big purge and a trip to The Studio.

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Saskia EpsteinThe Studio