All shopping is personal at The Studio, as it should be. 

Shopping on line or ordering “subscription boxes” created just for you, are all a bit of a gamble. That irresistible dress you put in your shopping cart is not at all what you expected, grabs you in all the wrong places and makes you look frumpy.

Here at The Studio our fantastic staff will save you time and make difficult decisions easier with their expert advice and honesty. In a world increasingly devoid of human interactions we still believe in the live shopping experience and empowering women one outfit at a time.

Stop in any time or call ahead for an appointment (617) 738-5091, or email

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“Our group’s private evening at The Studio was a huge success! We all love what we bought and had more fun than any night out in a long, long time. Now when we see each other at the office, we grin like we’re members of a special secret club. Seven colleagues became seven friends and we all dress better too. Our friends who couldn’t make it are kicking themselves!”

- Marsha, Brookline